Naomi Riley Historic Downtown Enthusiasts Launches New Business Serving Up The Polished Table

Naomi Riley founder of the Polished TableThe Polished Table was launched as a result of founder, Naomi Riley’s commitment to community and love for entertaining in unique and colorful ways.

Experienced in large scale and small-scale dinner party planning, Naomi understands the stress of pulling everything together to have a memorable evening with friends. She also understands that what was “in style” when we all got married, might be a stretch today and yet we don’t want to purchase an entire new tabletop because, well we all know …. In ten years, they will be cabinet clutter too!

Naomi Riley founder of the Polished TableWhile leaving a rental company preparing for a large fundraising event, the aha moment arrived. “A picture”.
People really don’t want or don’t have the time to go pick from 100 plates on a wall, then head to the flatware. All they really want is “a picture”.

Bringing together Naomi’s strong passion for growing relationships and communities, her event planning experience and her natural desire to make life easier The Polished Table hopes that people will plan time each month to gather with friends in the coziest of spaces … Home.

One less stress just fell into place for you. A tabletop where you can enjoy new dishes, glassware, linens, flowers, etc. all with “a picture” included.

For more information about The Polished Table visit:


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