David Anthony’s Gift Shop Brings Value, Virtue, and Elegance to every gift and purchase

Eleanor Stephenson with David Anthony's gift shop in Fuquay-VarinaDavid Anthony’s would like to remind everyone that the perfect gift can be found for anyone regardless of gender! We will be happy to assist you in finding a special gift and wrap it nicely for you because we all know that presentation is key!

David Anthony’s gift shop is located at 542 N. Main Street in Fuquay-Varina, NC.

The real magic behind David Anthony’s is the owner, Eleanor Stephenson.  She inspires all those who enter her gift shop to embrace life, enjoy the little moments, and treasure our memories.

Eleanor Stephenson with David Anthony's gift shop in Fuquay-VarinaEleanor has filled her gift shop with soothing music, delicious smelling candles, and soft to the touch baby gifts. Her holiday flags, greeting cards, elegant dishes, vintage holiday carolers, serving dishes, and intricate scarves all give us something beautiful to treasure or share with someone we love.

And if you are buying a gift for someone dear, her gift wrapping is something you just can’t compare!

I especially love ordering freshly ground coffee and brewing a cup as soon as I get home.

Visit David Anthony’s online at Facebook or stop by her store today!


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