Wendy VanHatten as an author, editor, and community supporter

Vineyard Secrets by Wendy VanHattenI have had the honor of knowing Wendy VanHatten for many years and she has never ceased to amaze me by her talents and drive.

Wendy has been an avid editor of books, manuscripts and magazines for years. She loves helping people achieve their dreams of publishing their own thoughts, stories, and advice.

Wendy has been actively supporting her neighboring wineries by showcasing them on her blog. She shares with us their unique backgrounds and exciting histories. I love reading about new owners of wineries and how they found their way there.

Wendy VanHatten author, editor, photographerShe has also been active in her local community with business organizations and service clubs.

Wendy travels the world with her husband and she shares their adventures with us through her amazing photographs and fun stories.

Wendy truly enjoys life and if we learn anything from her, it will be to cherish what we do have and to never stop dreaming.

Books Wendy has written:

Vineyard Secrets

Champagne Lies

Dad’s Hidden Box…

My Life: The Sequel: A Girlfriend’s Guide to Personal Success

When the Cat Speaks… Listen a Purr…fectly good way to enjoy life

Just Doing Our Job…: Real Stories from Iraq
By Wendy Kay VanHatten, Jeeter Thomas Peltier

Educational Series: Max and Myron Learn Please and Thank you


For more information about Wendy VanHatten and her adventures visit:







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