Community Leader Buumba Malambo

Buumba Malambo of Buumbalambo Team I totally love the Buumbalambo Team. Hope we are all ready for another exciting week deep in the village with a lot of community work. Stay focused, the society needs us.

Buumba Malambo with two girls selling vegetables dreaming of schoolThese two girls are part of the hundreds of girls that come to sell vegetables at the University of Zambia.  The girls work so hard, go home so late, exposing them to vices such as Rape.

Misozi told me she would like to be a teacher because no one in her family has ever gone to school.  Mwamba told me she would love to be a doctor because her mother has been terminally sick for a long time.

Their eyes speak hope of going to school, which may never come.  You and I are fortunate for a purpose to help such people.

Buumba Malambo taking a leap of faithI believe doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

So take a leap of faith and know you can do it!

Buumbalambo Team International Youth DayAfter a hectic week, the touch of nature not only gets me closer to my God but also heals and relaxes my inner self.

Participating at the International Youth Day with the Permanent Secretary of Youth and Sports, Ms. Musunga and ILO Country Director Mr. Martin Clemenson.

What a wonderful event!

Limitations live only in our minds by Buumba Malambo“Limitations live only in our minds. But, if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” Buumba Malambo

Buumba Malambo as guest speaker at DLYPHonored to be selected to give a speech at the DLYP Discovering Young Leaders Programme which has attracted about 500 Young Leaders from all parts of the world in about 95 countries.  As Youth we should engage in activities that sharpen our Leadership Skills so that we can participate in Building our Nations because no government will choose a Cardre of Youths that are drunkards, drug abusers, and prostitutes to be positioned in high leadership decision making offices.

Buumbalambo TeamWe as Youths should instead fight for our place in Parliament and other important decision making bodies by being Responsible and showing our capability to Rule Nations through Outstanding Leadership Skills.

As Koffi Anani says, “The future is bright for only youths that participate in it.”

Buumbalambo Team Agricultural Plant ProjectBuumbalambo Foundation Environmental Co-ordinators Lubomba and Sandra participating at the Agricultural Show as they learn more about the Environment and they have come up with a Brilliant Project they are calling the “In Between Plant Bottle Project” which will ensure that each school child has a plant even if there is no water nearby.

This we as a Team believe will be Sustainable as Fruits and Vegetables will be grown in School Garden.  We are proud of you. Go Team! More greater things coming. Join the fight!

Buumba Malambo proud Activista MemberI am proud to be Activista Member for Action Aid because I believe if companies pay tax, the schools will be renovated. More schools will be built, hence more children will be going to school.  We should always sacrifice to make the next unfortunate person access something they thought impossible. Join the fight!

End Child Marriages - Give girls educationIn Today News on Zambia Muvi TV a girl of 14 years has been forced into marriage by her parents who claim they can not manage to take care of her, the girl cried terribly that she wants to go to school like her friends, not to be a mother.

Child marriage denies a girl of enjoying the right to education.  Childhood and Safety as they are denied the freedom to be Girls and forced to be Mothers at a very early age.

Her Excellence Honourable Ellen Johnson First Woman President in Africa specifically Liberia, who also won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011; if she had been forced into Marriage, she wouldn’t have reached her Highest Potential.

Buumba Malambo celebrating life during free timeChange begins with You.  It could be Your Daughter or Sister.  Join the Fight!  Let Girls be Girls, not Mothers.

In my free time I sing, catch up with friends, and show others that in Life you radiate what is within you.  You can never give and share Love with Happiness if you do not have it.

Let your life radiate Hope, Trust, and Life to the next person.

Buumba Malambo Interview on Smooth TalkThank you to all that supported me during the Interview on Zambia National Broadcasting Co-operation on the Famouse Programme Smooth Talk. It was yet another great success to the Buumbalambo Team.  Please note that Muvi TV is making a documentary on what we have done so far.

Thank you Kela our Ambassador who has been organizing most of my interviews.  Us as a Team we would love to send Doras our Fundraising Co-ordinator who is going for further studies with God’s blessings as Buumbalambo Team persistence is our strength and we are the Zambian Malala’s.

For more information about the amazing work happening with Buumba Malambo and her truly inspirational team, visit:


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 102758
    Aug 23, 2013 @ 03:20:53

    Proud of Buumbalambo Foundation,my prayers to all,more blessings and great jobs well done.You are the hopes of all youths and the new generations.Keep it up and enjoy guys…God loves you all !!!


  2. Belita Phiri de la Court
    Sep 02, 2013 @ 15:38:45

    Buumba the founder of the foundation Buumbalambo is such a dynamic young lady with the heart of gold especially for underprivileged children. Keep up the good job Buumba!


  3. tamara.
    Oct 14, 2013 @ 07:45:39

    You guys are doing a great work.Do not tire from doing good. May God bless you and continue to give you strength to continue doing that great work. God is love.


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