Community and Business Leader Mary Madenspacher

Mary at Life ExperiencesMary Madenspacher has a smile that can disarm anyone. Her laugh will enchant and lighten anyone’s load.

Mary Madenspacher has been a driving force at Life Experiences, Inc. a non-profit organization created in 1978 to provide adults with varying disabilities, a choice of satisfying work experiences and at the same time allows those adults the self-esteem of earning a wage for their work.

Mary has helped create and maintain a very visible presence in her local community of Wake County in North Carolina. She attends local Rotary meetings, Charitable functions, and Board Meetings.

As a member of the Cary Kildaire Rotary Club, Mary has volunteered for fundraising events, community work events, hands on building and cleaning activities, and most importantly she does all of these things with a happy heart.

Mary at Life ExperiencesMary has served her community by supporting a hidden group of people who are usually forgotten and left behind. Through Mary’s dedicated love for her employees she has helped her crew of 50 amazing and talented employees thrive even during a down-turned economy. She has provided her employees with opportunities to build friendships, gain new experiences, and learn new skills.

For more information about the work Mary is doing with Life Experiences, Inc. visit their website or visit them on facebook


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