Business Leader Wendy VanHatten

Wendy VanHattenAfter many successful years in the health care administration world, I completely changed my career focus. How did I do that? A good friend, who became my mentor, suggested I start with what I loved doing and turn that into a new career.

She suggested I take a travel writing class and then some workshops, as she knew I loved to travel and kept journals when traveling. My travel writing career was born as I became published in dozens of magazines and publications. Writing, I discovered, was a real passion of mine as I went on to write books in addition to travel articles.

At the same time I wanted to learn more about editing. Since I had been asked to edit travel articles for the institute where I took my classes, I decided to take some more courses and workshops.

For the past 15 years I have been writing books and articles, editing for authors, and conducting workshops for writers.

Max and Myron childrens book seriesCurrently, another author and I have written the first five in a series of six children’s books. These books teach manners and social skills to children at the same time they teach them to read. Basically, they are geared toward three to eight year old children. Max is a little boy who comes home from school each day to tell his cat, Myron, what he learned. They interact and go over the lessons learned. The Max and Myron series is designed for young readers who:

  • are learning to read in a left to right progression
  • are recognizing sight words
  • are learning new words
  • are recognizing beginning and ending sounds
  • are discovering new words by using pictures as clues
  • are learning by interacting in the conversations as Max talks to Myron

Max and Myron childrens book seriesIncluded in each book are the following:

The Teaching Guides for Children provides sentence frames.  These sentence frames can be used to extend the reader’s vocabulary and sentence usage capability.

A High Frequency Word List is included in every book.  This high frequency word list facilitates the young reader’s word recognition and serves as a ready review tool after the book is finished.

A New Word List provides words that may be new to the reader’s vocabulary.

Critical Thinking Questions promote thinking beyond the story. These can help the reader reflect on real life issues.

Other books I have authored are listed on my website,

This is an evolving endeavor…stay tuned and return often to see what is new.

Continuing on in the editing field, a few years ago I became the editor for a regional northern California magazine, Prime Time Living. This magazine offers a wide variety of topics, from finances to travel to healthcare information, for our readership

Dreams and Goals:

One goal I had for 2013 was to write a mystery novel and that has just been delivered to my editor. Now, the hard part…promoting it! I am great at telling other authors how to do this. I just need to follow my own advice.

Recently a friend and I started a website and blog devoted to cookies, desserts, and all things sweet. We have been gathering recipes from people all over the world. Along that line, another goal is to start another endeavor similar to that one. Maybe this time it will be decorating, or pizza, or gardening. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

Another dream or goal is to turn our children’s series into more than books. My co-author and I have been working on several different avenues to have our characters and our series become more popular. Again…excitement!

Finally…travel more and write more about it.

Her writing website,, details her writing services. Find travel tips and destination pieces on her blog, She edits for a regional health and wellness magazine, SolanoFit, writes articles for a variety of magazines and blogs for The Reporter in Vacaville, CA. Wendy has taught courses at the college level regarding health care administration, career writing, effective communication, success for women, and goal setting.


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